Gardening- The Best Therapy

“To plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow”- Audrey Hepburn

Garden is the place that brings the serenity in your surroundings, a place to meet nature halfway, a place to soothe your soul. It is a teacher who teaches patience and trust. Gardening revolves around too many hopes and dreams yet to be realized. The decorative planters help us to decorate and nurture these hopes and dreams.

At the onset of spring, let us welcome all the vibrant colors in our garden by planting them in the decorative pots. One of the best ways to renovate your garden is to use the decorative products like pots and planters because it has the ability to turn your garden into a wonderland.

Revamping your garden
Garden is not just a place to plant trees. It is a place to rejoice the bliss of your life. We can add more vibes to the serene place by using designer and decorative pots to welcome the seasons and enjoy the pleasant view of blooming buds. A perfect garden can be a perfect place to rejuvenate your mind and body. There are a variety of pots available in variant colors to compliment the surrounding. So it is the time to bring nature to your house.

One of the most important parts of this phase is to choose the right pots and planters. These are not only an asset to your garden, but also add great impression to it. Sereno, a leading manufacturer of designer and decorative pots and planters has a varied range of products available that can satisfy the artistic palette of any gardener.

Make your garden worth watching
Watching your garden bloom is the best satisfaction one can ever get. Sitting back on your lawn and watching your garden shine with a natural and beautiful array of plant life can be a relaxing and stress-relieving process. But to get this relaxing view you have to invest your time for choosing the right patterns and colors of pots and planters. Plants need to be matched to the environment that they'll live in—the soil, fertilizers, and climate conditions and last but not the least the pots and planters. Your hard work will make the finished product rewarding and fulfilling.

Gardening is one of the best ways to reciprocate the gift of Mother Nature and what can be better other than beautiful garden pots and planters as a gift wrap for the plants…

Come Close to Nature with Bliss of Decorative Planters

Beauty of nature is a bliss of god. We live in a world, which is blessed with natural beauty that soothes our mind, and help us to live a healthy and pleasant life. The way we live and where we live has shrunk our contact with nature as we are more engaged to materialistic world. Our houses have more materialistic beauty than the natural one.

The onset of decorative planters and designer pots has driven away this existing trend and has made people to choose the natural beauty around their houses, workplace and also it is being used for commercial purposes to lure customers such as in hotels, showrooms, resorts, restaurants, event venues and other such places.

Stay close to nature with Indoor Planters

Decorative planters and designer seating can be used in the house as interior decoration. You can choose these designer planters according to color scheme of interiors, furnishing material, and you can install it in the drawing room, entry point, and study room and in gallery too. This gives soothing vibes and makes the surrounding peaceful. 

Use Planters as Room Lamp

The designer planters and pots are available with the feature of lighting that gives dim shade of light that is soothing and pleasant. You can install them in your room and around the pool area or in the balcony area where these lamp styled planters that will give soothing dim light in the night.

Design Variations in Decorative Planters

Decorative Planters are meant to festoon the areas around with adding the bliss of nature. The variety is huge in the shape, texture, shades and pattern that belong to different style of artwork. You can make great use of these planters and designer seating at your home, festive venues, workplace and for commercial spaces.

Deck up the Patios with Gardening and Plantation

Love to do Gardening? Here we have better idea to use the gardening skills to deck up the patios and make the outdoors of your house more welcoming. We all love to have the outdoors festooned with natural beauty that comes with plants and trees. They give you fresh air to breathe and soothing atmosphere where you can sit back and relax. You can deck up the outdoors with lights and festooning items when you are inviting people for house party. During festivals, these plants and garden will add elegance and ambiance of happiness.

There is more what you can do with gardening to light up the patios. The unique designs and theme based garden pots and planters are the best that can offer you amazing designing concepts.

Find here what you can do with creative pots and planters to grace the outdoors:

  • Full Body Planters: Full body planters are best to use for full-grown plants and it encompass the huge area of patios.  These planters are tall and can be put in the center or alongside the main gate. This serves best to provide shade and you can beautifully put lights around it.
  • Geometrical Planters: Geometrical Planters come in different unique geometrical shapes and sizes that give unique look. You can use these planters for small plants and festoon the outdoors. You can keep them around pool area or around outdoor furniture.  There are such planters that can illuminate and light up the night parties.
  • Lamp Planters: Lamp planters are best for interior and outdoor decoration. You can keep them in the drawing room of house or you can simple put them at patios. This serves well as the center of attraction for its illumination and intricate beauty. 

Keep getting updated about the amazing way to deck up patios using gardening and plantation.

Deck up the Occasions with Decorative Planters

An occasion brings the festive mood, the charm of delight in the air, the happy feeling and the joy of celebration. The event in itself has the gravity to pull people towards its charm but what adds to its grace is the decoration of the venue. When we talk about decoration, what first comes in our mind is heavy lighting and other festooning items but what gives a subtle and sober elegance to the venue are the plants and pots. Often these natural decoration items are forgotten amidst the heavy festoons and you often end up in spending hefty amounts on the decoration.

How plants can be used for decoration?
The scope of designing and innovation has crossed the limits and has reached where your imagination lies and may be beyond that. The decorative planters and pots are crazily in the vogue and are widely used by people across different parts of the globe and among the different sections of society.

There are multiple options available in the decorative planters that can go with your venue setting:

  •    Classy Shade Pots: You can find multiple classy and pastel shades in the pots and planters that you can choose according to the interior and patio settings of the venue. It will help you to make the entire area look beautiful with elegance. 
  •    Illuminating Planters: Don’t miss on the illuminating planters that not only look good but also give feel good with their special illuminating effects. Different colour light effect on the planters add mesmerizing effect in the whole surrounding of the venue. 
  •     Patterned Decorative Planters: Pots and planters for decoration are available in different patterns and prints that add more uniqueness to the whole festooning.
  •     Slim Planters: You can get the slim shaped planters that require less space and have captivating design that go perfectly with the celebration theme.

Beautify Your Outdoors & Indoors With Illuminated Planters

Do you opt for the plant first or the planter? Well if you are an interior design enthusiast then take our words and begin by picking the latter one. We suggest you to choose the planter first as the vase are a beautiful thing that can add a classy touch to your interiors, even before becoming the holder of any plant. With our range of Chiara illuminated planters you would not regret your decision of choosing the designer planter before the plant.

About our Chiara Planters

Chiara means 'clear' in Italian. The outline logic behind this item is quite unique and distinct from others. When the light accentuates from these planters it looks stunning and add the right amount of glamour to the interiors or exteriors. We are sure that it is a tough decision whether to put designer planters inside or outside, but when it comes to Chiara planters they can equally complement your exteriors as well as interiors when lit up. With extensive variety of pots and planters, you could choose something that suits your interior or exterior well.

How to use Chiara planters

You can place these planters in your garden, colonnade and other outdoor areas and appreciate the enchantment they create in the environment around. Similarly, you can even utilize them as indoor planters as they have got the inherent ability to smartly improve the look of your office or home interiors. Our range of Chiara planters is quite popular and award winning and is an extraordinary choice for residential and business foundations.

We hope this blog post enlightens you about adorning your outdoors and indoors with illuminated planters.

Designer Planters to Grow Veggies

Ever thought of eating veggies from your own garden?! You don’t need big spacious gardens to grow them or buy some special planters. Rather healthy veggies can be grown in your designer planters that you already own. If you think that the use of designer flower pots is limited to grow flowers only then you are wrong as they can be equally used to grow veggies.

Not every vegetable can be grown in the garden but here is a list of the vegetables that can be grown best in the planters.

  • Potatoes
  • Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cherry
  • Bush tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Eggplants
  • Summer squash
  • Asian greens
  • Pole beans
  • Lastly don't forget the herbs!

Things required for planting veggies

Here’s a list of things required to grow edible plants in your home garden:

  1. Selecting the right container – the depth of the container matters the most
  2. Placement of the planters – minimum six hours of sunlight is necessary for a healthy growth
  3. Quality of soil – do not use soil from your garden rather buy soil specially processed for vegetable planters
  4. Water supply – for a healthy growth vegetable require consistent supply of water
  5. Fertilizers – organic fertilizers should be used to help the vegetable grow in the containers, they are nutrients for your plants
  6. Proper take care of the hygiene – to avoid any plant diseases or buildup of pests keep the area clean and healthy

All the requirements are easy to understand but something important that you should keep in mind is the right planting depth. So before choosing one you should check below that what should be the size of your container.

Planting Depth

Different veggies require different soil depths for a healthy growth. For every vegetable mentioned below is the minimum soil depth required. If you wish to get away with less depth soil then you must use self-watering planters. The sizes mentioned below are not unique but size regular designer planters that you easily get in the markets.

Take a look at the list below to check what is the minimum depth you require to grow vegetable in your designer planters.

4-5 inches:
Chives, lettuce, radishes, other salad greens, basil and coriander

6-7 inches:
Bush beans, garlic, kohlrabi, onions, Asian greens, peas, mint and thyme

8-9 inches:
Pole beans, carrots, chard, cucumber, eggplant, fennel, leeks, peppers, spinach, parsley and rosemary

10-12 inches:
Beets, broccoli, okra, potatoes, sweet corn, summer squash, dill and lemongrass

With plethora of designer flower pots and plants, you can buy them to grow your veggies and eat healthy stuff.

Recyclable Decorative Planters

How about adding charm to your garden with considering sustainability an important factor?! We at Sereno have a solution for you with our exclusive range of Bello planters. These decorative planters are molded with love and made of 100% recyclable polymer.  Available in rainbow of colors with varied textures and finish, you could choose from a variety of planters to adorn your garden with them.

Feature of our Bello Planters

  •     UV Stabilized – our planters are safe from the harmful UV rays
  •     100% Recyclable – manufactured out of recyclable polymer, these are not harmful to environment and can be recycled
  •     Contemporary designs – We do not compromise design even if our products are sturdy and recyclable
  •     Exclusive non-fading colors range – our plants are perennial and do no loose its color during its life span
  •     Effortless cleaning – with non-complex designs, it easy to clean our designer flower pots
  •     Can be used indoors or outdoors – you can easy the planters indoors or even outdoors, the color and quality of the planters will remain intact
  •     Shock proof – our planters are quite sturdy as they are designed to resist any sort of damage if they  are dropped or knocked
  •     Withstand variable temperature range – A class quality promises many features other than sturdiness. Thus, our designer flower pots can stand firm in temperature range from -20 Degree Celsius to 70 Degree Celsius
  •     Unique hand finished texture – as we said, molded with love, our planters are aesthetically beautiful with pleasing hand finished texture

Listed above are just few of the features of our Bello range. Use these designer flowers pots to beautify not just your garden area but indoors as well.

Are You a Beginner Gardener? Here Are The Easy to Grow Flower Plants For You

Does your neighbour’s garden look more beautiful than yours? Are you envious of it? Do your flowers look brown and dry while theirs look fresh? Well, the reason could be that your neighbours know that certain flowers are easy to grow when compared with others. So if you’re a beginner gardener who wants to create a beautiful garden, here are the easy to grow flower plants for you to start with.

1.    Sunflowers

Everyone loves to see the beautiful sunflowers in the garden, isn’t it? So to grow these flowers, you can choose a sheltered, sunny spot and sow the seeds there. Also, you need to provide the required support to ensure that the plants grow healthy. You can use decorative planters to make your garden look more appealing.

2.    California poppies
These wild flowers can thrive even in dry and sandy soil and so you can grow them in the driest corners of your garden. Thus, try growing these flowers that will surely make your garden look impressive.

3.    Marigold
Waiting long to see the beautiful flowers grow in your garden is really tough. But this long wait ends when you sow the seeds of marigold plants in your garden as they grow very quickly. They can be easily maintained and only in few days you can see the colourful flowers blooming in your garden.

4.    Calendula
These flowers grow with their edible yellow and orange petals which make your garden look impressive. But to make them bloom longer, you need to grow them in cool temperature and also deadhead the flowers. You can also grow these flowers in beautiful garden pots and planters.

5.    Pansies
Pansies can be easily grown from pansy plug plants or seeds. Also, these irresistibly charming flowers can be grown in both winter and summer. However, make sure to deadhead the faded flowers for better growth.

Thus, to make your garden and make it look more appealing, try growing these flowers in your garden. Also, you can write to us to know more about pots and planters, indoor and outdoor gardening etc.

The Secrets to Growing An Amazingly Beautiful Container Garden

Needless to say, healthy plants in your garden are what make the garden look amazing and this stands true for container gardening too. Now, the question is, how do you grow an awesomely beautiful container garden? Well, to help you in this task, here we’ve a few secrets that will help you grow a beautiful container garden.

To help your plants grow healthy, it is essential for you to pick the right garden pots and planters. In order to make the right choice, what you can do is, first choose the plants and accordingly choose the containers. The pots or containers that you choose should provide sufficient space to your plants for healthy growth.

The plants in your containers get cooled or heated quickly as compared to those in the grounds. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the right temperature to the plants in the containers. Depending upon the requirements of the plants, place the containers in area where they receive direct sunlight or in shade. You can also use designer planters to give your garden a more appealing look.

Potting Mix
To deter the growth of weeds, pests and other such critters, potting mix is essential. The mix should have proper organic material that can hold both water and nutrients for healthy growth of your garden plants. To pick the right potting mix, you need to go through the package before you buy.

Nutrients or Fertilizers
Fertilizers and nutrients play significant role in the healthy growth of the plants. Thus, you can use fish emulsion, worm teas etc. as these are the best source of potassium, organic compounds and micronutrients that your plants need for proper growth. Remember, organic fertilizers are more effective than the synthetic ones.

Considering these discussed points will surely help you create a beautiful garden with healthy plants in the containers.

Top 3 Gardening Errors You Need to Avoid Committing

Somebody has rightly said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Gardening actually can give you a rejuvenating experience; however, the fact is that a lot of efforts are required to create a beautiful garden. Rather than knowing the things that you can do to create an appealing garden, it is more important to know about the errors that you shouldn’t commit.

Thus, to help you avoid committing such errors, here we’ve top 3 gardening errors that you need to maintain a distance from.

1.    Using low quality soil to plant high quality plants
Needless to say, the plants get their nutrients from soil. Therefore, it is essential that the type of soil that you choose is suitable for your plants. Most of the times you witness unhealthy growth of the plants and a reason behind this could be the inappropriate choice of the soil and plants.

So you need to first determine the quality or type of the soil and then select the plants accordingly. Again, you can use designer flower pots as per the size of the plants.

2.    Over watering the plants
Not all plants have the same water requirements. Thus, you need to determine the requirements of the plants you want to grow in your garden. Make sure that you water them as per their needs as both less or more water can cause the plants to die.

3.    Placing the plants in inappropriate places

Different plants require different amount of sunlight for healthy growth. So before you choose a place for your plants, determine their needs for light. The plants should get proper light for better growth as per their needs. Thus, place the designer planters in places where they receive adequate amount of sunlight.

If you have some other mistakes to share with us, you can share them in the comment section below.