Preparing your garden for the cold winters ahead

Just like you need warm clothes during winter, plants need some protection in winter too, particularly the ornamental ones which aren't local to Indian weather conditions or those that are traditionally found in warmer climates. So here are some tips to get your precious fauna protected against the chilling winters.

Build a shed
Do you have enough space in your garage? Perhaps you can make some space on your porch? Try to find a little space where you can put up a temporary (well, it is going to be around until March), shed. Buy potters and planters and move your ornamentals indoors and out of the cold.

Get the drainage right
Winter may be cold but nevertheless plants need water especially more so in winters when they lose moisture and water though the leaves. Make sure you have got the drainage right and keep watering the plants regularly. Also, if you bought potters and planters then be sure to set up the drainage right in your temporary shed. A good trick is to place the pots and planters on a slant where the excess water will drain out naturally.

Cover up the roots
Remember the warm clothes we mentioned at the beginning? Plants need them too. Cold weather is harsh on the roots and of the temperature drops too much the roots will be the first to get affected. Gather coconut husk, dried leaves and mulch (bits of wood and twigs) and place them in and around the root area. This will keep the roots warm and protected no matter how cold it gets.

Prune and trim down the excess
In winters plants have to work extra hard to make food. With little sunshine and harsh conditions the food preparing mechanism of plants take a hit and so there is no point in keeping excess leaves and twigs to increase the overhead of providing food for all of that. Make it easy on your precious plants by pruning down drying or sick leaves and excess twigs and branches that doesn't need to be on the plant.

Get in touch with a nursery

In case you tried all of the above and still haven't been able to figure out the best way to protect your plants, we suggest you talk to somebody at a nursery in your locality. They will have helped people just like you to figure out the right way to care for plants and they will be happy to help you too.

Make your favourite plant survive this winter

When it’s winter, it’s time you take extra care of the plants in your garden. Why? It is because the winter season is harsher than any other season on plants and flowers. Your favourite bloom might find it challenging to survive the bad weather and cold temperatures. But don’t worry as we’ve the tips that will make your winter plants survive the harsh climate.

Outdoors plants

  • Clearing away debris

The debris should be cleared and the delicate plants should be shield from cold, otherwise they may die due to drops in temperature. You can also use beautiful garden pots and planters to give your garden an attractive look.

  • Trim the plants

The flowers and plants in winter need to be pruned and trimmed to remove the unwanted blackened stems and foliage. This is necessary to prevent diseases in your garden.

  • Spread mulch

If you want your plants to grow healthy, spreading a new layer of mulch is necessary. This will feed you plants with proper nutrients in the coming season as well. So make sure you take proper care of the soil in your garden.

Indoors plants

  • Mist plants

It is better to spray the plants in your garden with a light mist at least two or three times a day. This is more important when you grow tropical plants in your garden indoor. You can place such plants in the humid part of the house and grow them in illuminated planters.

  • Put plants in light

Receiving adequate light, regardless of the season is important for the healthy growth of the plants. And since the days are shorter in winter, you need to be a little more careful and need to ensure that the plants receive lights as per their needs.

  • Reduce watering

Misting plants is undoubtedly important, but overwatering should at any cost be avoided. Plants require less watering in winter as they grow at a slower rate. The best way to find ideal time for watering is- put your finger in the soil about two inches and if you find your finger dry, it means you need to water the plant.

Following these tips will surely help you make your favourite plant grow healthy this winter.

How to add greenery to your garden this winter?

Are you tired of gazing at the leafless trees in your garden during winter? If yes, we’ve good news for you. This winter you can enjoy greenery in your garden with lively and beautiful plants around. Yes, you’ve read it right.

We’re here with top 5 garden plants that will blossom even in the heart of winter. Moreover, using decorative planters with a few of these plants can make your garden look appealing.

1.    Flowering quince
If the climate is extreme in your area, flowering quince is the ideal choice for you. This deciduous shrub can tolerate extreme climate and stretch up to 8 feet wide. It can make great natural fencing in your garden and put a big show even in winter.

2.    Snowdrop
Unlike most other plants that keeps hiding from the winter’s chill, snowdrop is one of those plants that are eager to get going. These plants are shy and prefer to hide under taller shrubs or in rock gardens. If you want to make your garden look amazing this winter, these plants are must have. You can also grow them in designer planters for an eye-catching look.

3.    Boxwood
This type of plants can make your winter garden come alive with their unique shape and texture. These boxwood hedges are easy to grow and shape and they make great garden outlines. Your garden can be turned into a fairy tale with their tall conifers.

4.    Camellia
There can be nothing better than the surprise by some varieties of camellia that blossoms in the mid of January. Since a wide variety of this plant is available, you need to get in touch with an experienced person to choose the right type of camellia that blooms beautifully in winter. These plants can live 50-100 years.

5.    Winter jasmine
These beautiful plants can add a touch of beauty and appeal to your garden. Usually these plants pepper the stems from November. The best thing is that you can easily maintain them without much of the efforts.

Thus, with these beautiful plants, you can give your garden an amazing look this winter. For planters you can browse through our site to pick your favourite.

It’s time to take your balcony to the next level

Do you own a beautiful balcony? Now let’s make it even better and take it to the next level. Though most of the people often overlook the touch of appeal a beautifully decorated or designed balcony could add to their home, it is worth investing some amount of your time, money and energy.

To help you save your precious time, here are a few tips that will help you improve the look and area of your balcony, turning it into a relaxing and refreshing place.

Go green
If you want a smart and fun way to make your balcony eye-catching, adding greenery is a fantastic idea. For this you can use both artificial and real plants that look equally nice and green. Also, you can use an artificial green carpet for a better look. Moreover, using designer flower pots for making your balcony alluring is also an awesome idea.

Do not ignore the floor
When in your balcony, do not forget to look down. The floor should be equally appealing when looked down. For this, as stated earlier, artificial green carpets can be used. Though plastic and faux-wood tiles can also be used, it will become hazard during winter season due to slippery material. A stylish rug too can be used with fun bold patterns for a more pleasing look.

Use flexible furniture
Balconies usually have limited spaces. Therefore, it is better to make the most out of the limited space available, using small and flexible furniture. You should look for items that can provide more space and modular pieces that can be moved will be great. To generate more space out the limited area, you can hand your flower pots outside. This will generate space, giving your balcony a new look altogether.

There are some other tips such as creating a supporting structure for the climbing plants, arranging a shelf for the pots, decorating the balcony area with lights etc. that can make your balcony look better.

You can try these tips and let us know whether they worked for you. Also, if you too have some other tips, do share them with us.

What are the keys to better growth of your container garden?

So you’ve decided on the plants you want to grow in your garden. Great! Now it’s time to consider what you should provide those plants in the garden pots and planters for their better growth. Of course they need air, water and sunlight, but are they enough? Certainly not.  Here we’ve a list of certain other important things that are the keys to successful container gardening.

To ensure proper growth of your plants, it is necessary that you choose the right pots and planters. For this, it is always a wise move to pick the plants first and then decide on the containers. Make sure that the pots or containers you choose can accommodate healthy growth of your plants.

Potting Mix
Garden soil may contain pests, weed seeds and other critters that can possibly harm you plants in the containers. This is why potting mix is what your container plants want. The mix that you choose should be fluffy and light, containing enough organic material that can hold nutrients and water.

It is better to invest in high quality organic potting soil and so you need to peruse the package before purchasing.

Compared to the in-ground counterparts, the plants in the container get heated or cooled quickly without the insulating earth around them. Thus, it is important to provide them the required temperature for their growth. Provide shade when it gets too hot and before it frosts, take your garden pots and planters inside.

Nutrients or Fertilizers
Nutrients or fertilizers are other important products that you need for your plants. Solutions such as worm teas, compost teas, fish emulsion are the best source of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and other organic compounds and micronutrients that are essential for the growth of your plants.

If you do not want your plants to burn, you should ditch the synthetic fertilizers for the organic.

Considering these discussed points will help you to create a successful garden with proper growth of your container plants. If you’ve any queries regarding gardening, you can write to us and we’ll surely solve them.

The important do’s and don’ts of container gardening

Looking for an easy way to try your hands at gardening? If yes, container gardening is the ideal option for you. It is absolutely fun and you can freely experiment with your plants and their arrangements. You can also use designer flower pots to give that perfect look to your home and garden.

It is true that a beautiful container garden can change the look of your home. But to make it a success and get the most out of your containers, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow.

•    Don’t over-pack
Most of the people think that more plants together in a pot will make it lusher. In case you too fall in the group, you need to understand that just like every living being, the plants too need proper space to grow. So it is better not to over-pack the pot or container with too many plants.

•    Do feed your plants properly
Different plants have different food requirements and it is important that you feed them properly for better and healthy growth. You should follow the instructions on the label to ensure healthy blooming of your plants.

•    Don’t let containers dry out
The reduced soil volume and water in your pots will cause them to dry out with the heat of the season kicking in. Therefore, daily watering of your plants is necessary to keep them hydrated and prevent the containers from drying out. Put your finger in the soil and if it feels dry, it’s time to water your plants. Also, a light-weight container means it’s due for a drink.

•    Do place the pots in sunny locations
Most of the plants need proper sunlight to get the energy and grow better. So you should place your containers at a spot that gets adequate sunlight to encourage proper growth of your plants. But remember that too much sunlight can also harm your plants.

•    Don’t drown your plants
Just like under-watering, overwatering too can harm your beautiful plants. Ensure that the pots you use for gardening have proper drainage holes to let the excess water run out. You need to be cautious because wet roots can rot your plants or leave them open to diseases.

We hope this post will help you and we wish you happy gardening!

Top 3 designer planters from our assemblage

Eliminating the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, we’re here with some appealing designer planters to enrich your lifestyles. Blending functionality with beauty, we’ve a wide array of eye-catching designs. However, as there is always one better than the others, here are the top 3 designer planters from our collection that you can choose from.

1.    Elena planters
The shapes of these alluring planters are designed keeping the form of a torch in mind. You can easily fill these planters directly with soil or can use potted plants too. They look beautiful when illuminated from within as they are fitted with energy saving lamps and are great for outdoor uses.

These illuminated planters come with an outlet that helps in the drainage system of plants. When it comes to being economical with space, these planters are the ideal option and also they add a touch of magical luminance to your garden.

2.    Bello planters
Looking for something aesthetically pleasing hand finished designs? The Bello planters are here for you. Made using 100% recyclable polymers, these planters are highly weather resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are available in a variety of textures and colours and make it easy for you to grow plants.

3.    Orabella planters
These planters are designed in pure geometric form and perfectly blend into modern spaces. Use them in corridors or open spaces to give your home an alluring look. They can be illuminated and offers an eye pleasing experience along with a great gardening experience. Suitable for indoors, these planters will make your space look beautiful.

If you’re concern about your energy bills, these planters provide a solution to it. They are designed with the latest in LED illumination and helps in saving energy bills. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite now.

These gardening planters offer you the best way to keep greenery all year round and add touch of beauty to your home. You can use these planters to spruce up your entire area making it a jaw dropping sight for your guests. They act as the complementary vessels and are the best means to showcase the beauty of your plants, garden and home.

Browse through our collection now and do let us know about your favourite planter.

Top 3 autumn flowers for your garden

With the days becoming shorter, the time to say a sad farewell to the summer is coming close. Soon the autumn will take hold and those exuberant summer perennials will fade away. But you need not be upset as there are many colourful autumn flowering bulbs that will make your garden pots and planters look vibrant and pleasing.

Here we’ve listed the top 3 autumn flowers that will give your garden the perfect eye-catching look.

1.    Crocus

When talk about the best autumn bulbs for the garden, crocuses tops the list. They are the jewels of the autumn that creates beautiful festival of colour. You can try the Turkish species with blue marbled petals and plant it among silver birch stems to make your garden look like million bucks.

But to protect these plants, make sure you plant them beneath shrubs and trees so that they are not spoiled by heavy rains and wet weather.

2.    Dahlia

Though the striking blooms of dahlias start in summer, they are at their best in September. They come in an extraordinary range of varieties in rich colours and create an exotic effect. They are also available in a variety of sizes and look fabulous in the garden.

3.    Sternbergia

These flowers closely resemble Crocus and are excellent for autumn. These hardy bulbs can be planted in large groups for a bigger and better impact. The best thing is that these beautiful flowers enjoy reasonable poor soils, provided the drainage is sharp. Place them in a sunny position for the best display.

You need a little planning to enjoy the best look of your garden, regardless of the season. You can use designer garden pots and planters from our wide range of variety for the perfect looking garden. But before you plant any flower, go through their needs and requirements carefully to ensure their proper growth.

If you know some other plants for autumn gardening, you can share them with us.

Why should container gardening be your favourite?

Because it takes you beyond time and space and helps you enjoy gardening! Yes, it does. Moreover, if you’re one of those gardeners who get an implacable itch at the start of the season for gardening, you need not wait for the season anymore. Why? It is because container gardening makes it possible for you to start gardening at any place and any time.You can also use designer flower pots for your garden.

Let’s go through some more reasons why it should be your favourite.

1.    If you’re a beginner, there can be nothing better than container gardening. In case some of your plants die, there is no need to patch and re-seed the lawn. The best thing is that you don’t even need a lawn.

2.    Unlike regular gardening, container gardening makes it easier for you to treat the plants and protect them from pests. Also, if a plant gets a disease, it won’t spread to others and the container can be kept separately.

3.    Container gardening is convenient and easier with less back pain. Based on the spot where you place the pots or containers, you can easily work as per your comfort while either standing or sitting. Only thing you need to do is tailor the height of the pots that you use.

4.    You can easily save seeds in this form of gardening to create future plants and also can share them with others who too are interested in gardening.

5.    Pots bring portability along with them. So in this form of gardening, you can easily place your containers at suitable places in your home. You can conveniently put them inside or outside your home as per the requirements of the plants. Moreover, you can carry them along with you if you move to a new home.

By now you must have already started loving container gardening, isn’t it? You can use beautifully crafted designer flower pots to make your home look more appealing.

5 ways to make your home look appealing with plants

“Use plants to bring life.”- Douglas Wilson

It has been rightly said that plants are the best way to bring life around. So, if you ask the key to an appealing and fresh interior, it would definitely be the use of indoor plants. They provide the kick that your decor needs to feel complete and lively and make it stand out. You can also use decorative planters to enhance the look of your interior.

Let’s go through the 5 best ways to include plants in your home decor to give it an attractive look.

1.    In a corner

With the coming of modular wall-mounted planters, you can easily use them with beautiful flower plants in the corners of your room to make it lively. You can buy containers that are customizable to any height and use plants in your interior.

2.    From the ceiling

You can use hanging baskets to hang them from the ceiling and free up your floor space. These suspended containers can be used for decorative plants and helps in giving a unique look to your interior.

3.    Up the wall

Innovative vertical planters are also available that can help your plants grow beautifully in your home. You can arrange these planters as per your convenient and taste to make your home look attractive. Such planters are attached to the modular panels with magnets.

4.    Inside a table

There are accent tables and terrariums that can be beautifully used to plant indoor plants. You can choose from a wide variety of these double-duty pieces where the plants could be easily maintained.

5.    Along a room divider

A folding screen is the best thing that has been used for years to carve an open space into separate zones. However, what make it different now are the in-built brackets that can hold alluring decorative planters in them to make your home look pleasing.

If you need some designer planters for your home and garden, you can get in touch with us.