Our factory is not just any workshop; it is a sanctuary where sustainability and craftsmanship coexist in perfect harmony. Here, our skilled artisans mold exquisite planters, each a testament to their love for the Earth and dedication to preserving its beauty.
The story of these planters begins with the sun, casting its
warm glow over our factory rooftops which are adorned
with an array of solar panels. These panels, shining under
the sun's embrace, capture its energy and convert it into
the lifeblood of the workshop.

The materials used are sourced sustainably, chosen not just for their quality but for their minimal impact on the environment. As our artisans mold these planters, they infuse them with more than just their skill. Each piece is crafted with a profound love for the environment, a passion that can be felt in every finished product.

Each planter tells a story of the sun's journey across the sky, the artisans' dedication, and the sustainable choices that make a
difference, reminders that beauty and environmental responsibility can coexist. They represent a promise to future generations, a pledge that beauty need not come at the cost of our planet.

Our every product is molded with love, there is a piece of the sun, a touch of skilled hands, and a whisper of a sustainable future.
These are not just products; they are a celebration of what can be achieved when passion meets purpose, and when love for the
Earth is at the heart of every creation.

Our Recycle Process

Cutting Extra Materialto Recycle

Crushing waste materialto Reuse

Grinding intoSmall Pellets

Crushing pellets into Powder.Blending colour for moulding into final products

Our Sustainable Product Line

Embracing the adage 'better late than never, we've set ambitious goals for increased recycling. Our Sustainable Product Range seamlessly integrates into any space, boasting both aesthetic appeal and functionality. With a clean design philosophy, our products are poised to remain relevant for years to come. Their natural beauty and inherent resilience ensure they enhance the allure of your indoor or outdoor greenery. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We're extending their lifespan to endure for 10- 15 years and beyond.

Twin Layer Construction

We use the Twin layer construction, also known as dual-
layer or double-layer construction. It's a manufacturing technique where two distinct layers of material are used to create a single product.

The two layers are often chosen for their complementary properties to enhance the overall performance and functionality of our product.

The inner layer is made from 100% recycled polymer, indicating an emphasis on eco-friendliness and
sustainability. It not only improves our product's lifecycle by enhancing its durability but reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Moulded with Love

Our moulds are carefully finished by hand to give our products a unique surface finish. Great care is taken in polymer selection and during manufacturing process to ensure that each of our products is moulded with love to offer our customers an exceptional experience to beautify their space.


Did you know our polymer selection is based on only 100% recyclable material? We at Sereno are working very hard to mitigate plastic pollution and building sustainable solutions that support our environment and future generations. This is only possible if we do it together. Great emphasis is laid down on using recycled polymer to cut down the use of fresh new polymer.

Sunshine or Rain

Our careful polymer selection enables protection against weather conditions – this means our products do not crack in sun or rain. You will enjoy our low maintenance products for years to come without having to worry about chipping, peeling or colour fading.